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How to claim your 2 Deb Ball tickets by November 1

All mothers who were active or initiated in the 2018/2019 program year paid a $250 assessment to support the Debutante Ball. Your assessment includes two digital tickets for the debutante ball on December 30.

We understand some mothers won't be able to attend or will not need both tickets. If that is the case, please let us know - we NEED your ticket(s). 

  • Claim both of your tickets by entering a quantity of 2.

  • Claim one of your tickets by entering a quantity of 1.

  • Return both of your tickets by selecting "I am declining both of my tickets" and entering a quantity of 2.

Click here to claim or decline your tickets.

Tickets that have not been claimed or declined by November 1 will be forfeited. 

One of our deb ball expenses is covering the cost of tickets for the emcees and distinguished guests (i.e. past and present Regional or National officers). If you know you will not use one or both of your tickets, please return it to the chapter to help defray our costs.

About the Debutante Ball

The South Belt Houston Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., will unveil our beautiful Debutantes and present them to Greater-Houston society at Unmasked, the 2019 Debutante Cotillion Ball at the Royal Sonesta Hotel Ballroom. Prepare for a stunning evening, including the formal presentation of our 12 Debutantes, a 3-course dinner and dancing!

Attire: The ball is strictly formal - tuxedos and floor-length evening gowns are required. SBH moms are asked to wear shades of blush (rose, rose gold, light pink, etc.) Please DO NOT wear white or any color that may photograph as white. White is reserved for our guests of honor ... the 12 lovely Debutantes!

Children: This is an adult event. Guests under the age of 18 are not permitted. This includes family members of the Debutante.

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