Teen Alumni Spotlight

Meet South Belt Houston Chapter Teen Alumni Ronald J. Peters, III. He is the 

son of Father Ronald II and Mother LeCresha Peters, MD.   


Ronald is currently sophomore at Xavier University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Mandarin Language and Culture. He served as a research intern at Kentucky State University College of Education. Through this internship he gained knowledge of research methodology and analysis, which allowed him to serve as a co-author on one article recently published in the International Journal of Health entitled Comparing Health Risk Behaviors of Franklin County Youth with Their National and Statewide Counterparts: An Ecological Study in the State of Kentucky.


In addition, he recent co-authored article in his major entitled Physiological and Psychological Responses to 528 Hz vs. A440 Hertz Sound Frequencies A Study on the Effects of Sound on Humans that is currently under peer review. Ronald’s accomplishments extend beyond the academic realm. As CEO of Golden Prism LLC, he is operationalizing his entrepreneurial spirit by creating an e-commerce store providing luxury items which reflect and celebrate African American culture.

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